Transforming Transport

The general assembly meeting of the project Transforming Transport was held in Indra’s headquarters on 21-23 January 2019 in Madrid, Spain.

During the meeting, the consortium discussed and presented the progress of the project and recommendations were made on how to proceed to the following steps. Finally, an action plan for the upcoming months has been defined.

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1st SIT4Energy workshop “Modelling the end-users’ needs”

ITML has organized the 1st SIT4Energy workshop named as “Modelling the end-users’ needs” on 21/12/2018. The event was aiming to get the first insights in the design of a Mobile app for energy end-users. The main objective of the event was to present the participants the initial mock-up of mobile app to be developed by ITML technical experts.

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Threat-Arrest 1st General Meeting

The first general meeting of the Threat-Arrest project took place in Athens on 12th and 13th of December and was hosted by DANAOS.

The Threat-Arrest consortium met in order to discuss the progress that has been made during the last months and form the next steps of the project.

During the meeting the progress of work packages, the administrative, technical and management procedures were presented, discussed and the action plan for the next months was defined.

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