Transform consumer insights to business actions




Get Consumer Insights

Collect user reviews in online sources: e-marketplaces, Social Media, blogs


Extract consumer insights

Process the aggregated Consumer Insights through numerous filters and identify problems, using text mining and meaning mining procedures


Turn insights into strategies

Use Consumer Insights to design Strategy (e.g. extract user requirements)





Multiple statistical analysis and visualization techniques


Text mining: refers to (i) identifying the frequencies of specific, common words that refer to specific problems identified in logistics procedures by consumers and (ii) quantifying the associations between the most important consumer insights, by providing correlations between combination of specific keywords.

Sentiment Analysis: can be provided on the basis of which social medium/source the most positive/ most negative comments come from.

Insight Associations: are visualised with an interactive ‘cycle of associations’

Problem Classification: The tool performs training on sample data in order to optimize the text mining algorithm and the problems’ identification procedure. In more detail, qualitative analysis is carried out, in order to identify specific problems related to products, services or procedures, and their exact correlation with specific keywords.
Having the algorithm trained, Classification can be applied in large amounts of reviews (Big Data).