Monitoring, Reporting, Verification




The business need


Since 1st of January 2018, ship owners and operators will have to monitor the CO2 emissions of their vessels (larger 5.000 GT) for all voyages conducted into, between and out of EU ports.


Monitored emissions must be reported to the European Commission and therefore verified by an independent and accredited verifier.

The MRV Modules


Role Based CMS System (Drupal).

Ship Data Acquisition Methods (Mail Based, DB Adapter).

Type of Stored Data (Daily Metrics, ROBs, Bunkerings).

Data Integrity & Auditing.

Trip Calculation & Data Validation.

Ship Data Exports.

CO2 Emission Calculation & Exports.





MRV main features


  • Voyage Info & Selection
  • Voyage Report
  • Year Report
  • All Inclusive Platform
    Data Capturing
  • Trip Validation and Lock
  • Trip Calculation & Debugging
  • Excel Templates (deprecated)







Voyage calculations / Consumptions graphs

MRV Platform




Voyage report

MRV Platform