R&D Projects

  • HEIR

    The vision of HEIR is to provide a thorough threat identification and cybersecurity knowledge base system addressing both local (in the hospital / medical centre) and global (including different stakeholders) levels, that comprises real time threat hunting services, facilitated by advanced machine learning technologies.

  • show

    SHOW aims to support the migration path towards affective and persuasive sustainable urban transport, through technical solutions, business models and priority scenarios for impact assessment, by deploying shared, connected, cooperative, electrified fleets of autonomous vehicles in coordinated Public Transport, Demand Responsive Transport, Mobility and Logistics as a service operational chains in real-life urban demonstrations all across Europe.

  • teaching

    TEACHING will develop a human-aware CPSoS for autonomous safety-critical applications, based on a distributed, energy-efficient and dependable Artificial Intelligence (AI), leveraging edge computing platforms integrating specialized computing fabric for AI and in-silico support for intelligent cybersecurity.

  • Collabs

    COLLABS introduces a new comprehensive cyber-intelligence digital collaboration framework for Industry 4.0 manufacturing environments, which aims to tackle the evolving threat landscape in the complete industrial value chain in the factories of the future.

  • palaemon

    The PALAEMON project aims to support the safety of passengers and address the increasing need for advanced passenger ship evacuation methodologies by defining a new ICT sophisticated mass centralised evacuation framework.


    ROXANNE is a multidisciplinary project that brings together 24 European partners comprising technology providers and the strongest organizations in the field of crime investigation and monitoring, known as Law Enforcement Agencies.

  • C4IIoT

    The C4IIoT project aims to design, build and demonstrate a novel and unified Cybersecurity 4.0 framework that implements an innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) architecture paradigm to provide an end-to-end holistic and disruptive security-enabling solution for minimising the attack surfaces in Industrial IoT systems.

  • Smartship

    Smartship brings together Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of focused universities, research institutions and strong industrial partners from the maritime sector in order to build a holistic, integrated ICT and IoT-enabled cloud-based framework for sustainable, individualised and completely automated energy management of ships.

  • NewControl

    NewControl overarching goal is to provide an industrially calibrated trajectory towards increased user-acceptance of automated driving control functions, through an approach that is centred on the premise of safety by design.