R&D Projects

  • cyrene logo

    Despite the socio-economic importance of tools and techniques for handling security threats there is still no easy, structured, standardized and trusted way to forecast, prevent and manage interrelated and propagated cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats in a way that takes into account the heterogeneity and complexity of today’s supply chains.

  • 25by25

    The ‘25 by 25’ project aims to support and encourage young people aged 15 to 21 years old to increase their interaction with cultural activities and experiences. The project will develop a matrix of European cultural activities for youths to help them achieve the goal of learning and developing their skills and knowledge through 25 meaningful cultural experiences by the age of 25 years old.

  • BRING-In logo

    BRING-In is as a groundbreaking initiative aimed at making Intersex People (IP) more visible by targeting the Social and Healthcare (S&H) sector, where existing knowledge and awareness about Intersex Equality (IE) is very limited.

  • adacorsa

    ADACORSA targets to strengthen the European drone industry and increase public and regulatory acceptance of BVLOS (beyond visual line-of-sight) drones, by demonstrating technologies for safe, reliable and secure drone operation in all situations and flight phases.


    ENSURESEC aims to minimize the impact of security incidents on interconnected services and ensure that all involved actors are kept informed. The project combines an automatic, rigorous, distributed and open-source toolkit for protecting e-commerce by monitoring the impact of threats in physical spaces and launching a campaign for training SMEs and citizens to create awareness and trust.

  • HEIR

    The vision of HEIR is to provide a thorough threat identification and cybersecurity knowledge base system addressing both local (in the hospital / medical centre) and global (including different stakeholders) levels, that comprises real time threat hunting services, facilitated by advanced machine learning technologies.

  • show

    SHOW aims to support the migration path towards affective and persuasive sustainable urban transport, through technical solutions, business models and priority scenarios for impact assessment, by deploying shared, connected, cooperative, electrified fleets of autonomous vehicles in coordinated Public Transport, Demand Responsive Transport, Mobility and Logistics as a service operational chains in real-life urban demonstrations all across Europe.

  • teaching

    TEACHING will develop a human-aware CPSoS for autonomous safety-critical applications, based on a distributed, energy-efficient and dependable Artificial Intelligence (AI), leveraging edge computing platforms integrating specialized computing fabric for AI and in-silico support for intelligent cybersecurity.

  • Collabs

    COLLABS introduces a new comprehensive cyber-intelligence digital collaboration framework for Industry 4.0 manufacturing environments, which aims to tackle the evolving threat landscape in the complete industrial value chain in the factories of the future.