R&D Projects


    THREAT-ARREST fills in the gap for an advanced security training framework implemented within any organization type, helping them to cope with the ever-expanding landscape of cyber-attacks and protect effectively and efficiently their ICT cyber-systems.

  • SIT4Energy

    SIT4Energy aims to demonstrate how integrated energy management can be realized through a smart IT solution that considers efficiency potentials in local energy production and consumption.

  • I-BiDaaS

    I-BiDaaS aims to empower IT and non-IT big data experts to easily utilize and interact with big data technologies.

  • I-MECH

    The I-MECH target is to provide augmented intelligence for wide range of cyber-physical systems having actively controlled moving elements, hence support development of smarter mechatronic systems.

  • TransformingTransport

    The TransformingTransport project will demonstrate, in a realistic, measurable, and replicable way the transform-ative effects that Big Data will have to the mobility and logistics market.