ICT-15-2016-2017: Big Data PPP: Large Scale Pilot actions in sectors best benefitting from data-driven innovation.

The TransformingTransport project will demonstrate, in a realistic, measurable, and replicable way the transform-ative effects that Big Data will have to the mobility and logistics market. To this end, TransformingTransport, vali-dates the technical and economic viability of Big Data to reshape transport processes and services to significantly increase operational efficiency, deliver improved customer experience, and foster new business models.

TransformingTransport will address seven pilot domains of major importance for the mobility and logistics sector in Europe: (1) Smart Highways, (2) Sustainable Vehicle Fleets, (3) Proactive Rail Infrastructures, (4) Ports as Intelligent Logis-tics Hubs, (5) Efficient Air Transport, (6) Multi-modal Urban Mobility, (7) Dynamic Supply Chains. The TransformingTransport consortium combines knowledge and solutions of major European ICT and Big Data technology pro-viders together with the competence and experience of key European industry players in the mobility and logistics domain.