ITML one of the leading Greek entities in H2020 2017 funds

The evaluation results of the Horizon 2020 proposals submitted during the first half of 2017 were announced to the national representatives of the European Union countries on 14 September 2017, at the meeting of the H2020 LEIT ICT Committee, in Brussels. The total budget of the programs was EUR458.32 million and ITML is one of the leading entities in Greece getting H2020 funds in the 1st half of 2017! We are proud for this and we continue to seek excellence and innovation in any application domain we are working to.

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ITML at kick-off meeting of I-MECH project in Malta

Intelligent Motion Control Platform for Smart Mechatronic Systems (I-MECH) is an EU-funded project with a budget of EUR17 million, a partnership of 31 entities and the objective to bridge the gap between the latest research results and best industrial practice in advanced mechatronic motion control systems. SW and HW building blocks, featuring standardized interfaces, will be developed to deliver a complete I-MECH reference platform.

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ITML at the 2nd TT project meeting in Madrid

TransformingTransport (TT, is an EU-funded project that represents a strong consortium of 47 leading transport, logistics and information technology stakeholders in Europe. With a budget of EUR18.7 million and the participation of 47 organisations from 9 countries, the Horizon 2020 Big Data Value Lighthouse project is working on finding a more efficient and more sustainable transport paradigm.

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