Dr Nikos Nikolaou, Project Manager

Big Data in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies offer new opportunities. The principle is that an extensive amount of data is required for the best result of the scenario of fighting crime ML models. In the ROXANNE project, the technical development targets to significantly enhance the criminal network analysis based on text, speech, language, and video technologies.

Dr Ilektra Simitsi, Project Manager

It is widely reported that young people, and especially youth from diverse backgrounds, do not show interest in cultural activities since they believe that is something far away from them, and not linked with their needs and lifestyle.

Dr Ilektra Simitsi, Project Manager

The last decades the LGBT+ communities are fighting towards the elimination of the discriminations against them, promoting policies of equal rights and seeking the enforcement of their rights in all different aspects of life. But as the LGBT+ community operates collectively, states choose to act differently.

Dr Siranush Akarmazyan, Project Manager

These systems can increase quality of life for everyone, transform mobility, raise productivity, reduce cost, improve resource use, and enhance human safety. The technology enabling autonomous systems is advancing at pace, from self-driving cars and nuclear maintenance robots to drug delivery and diagnostics, long-distance shipping and protection from cyberattacks. Automation can be used to operate Cyber-physical Systems of Systems (CPSoSs) comprising complex, multi-faceted and dynamic virtual and physical resources, with minimal or reduced human intervention. However, even when the most advanced degree of autonomy is exercised, the human is a variable that cannot and should not be left out of the CPSoSs equation, especially in safety critical scenarios.

Mr Nikolaos Arvanitis, Project Manager

The maritime sector is for sure one of the examples that have not yet faced the most significant changes but is currently under radical adjustments for several reasons. The energy consumption, the scrubbers, the oil price, and the ship legacy systems to name but a few, as well as the massive need of logistics and transportation of goods globally during the pandemic era, turn the attention of transformation forces of small, medium and big enterprises into the shipping industry.

Mr Nikos Dimakopoulos, Project Manager

This evolution of social media has bloomed in a plethora of social media users and applications that produced innovative and efficient intelligent techniques for data processing in fields like pattern recognition, information fusion, knowledge discovery and data visualization, making it easier to exploit for research and business purposes.

Mr Nikos Evangeliou, Project Manager

As digitalization becomes a primary business issue for many organizations around the world and the fourth Industrial revolution marks an era of enormous potential for innovation and growth, the manufacturing sector witnesses an increase in cyber-related incidents. Operational and information technology are more connected now than ever, and this makes Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.