FERMI 2nd General Assembly Meeting

FERMI partners met for the second time f2f at the 2nd General Assembly Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal on March 29 – 30th, 2023. The meeting started with the Coordinator, Sven Fikenscher (BPA), presented the overview of the FERMI’s Current Status and the first achievements of the projects’ active WPs. The Legal & Ethics Guidelines and the Communication & Dissemination Strategy and Implementation followed the overview and then the FERMI touchbase (WP2) & project’s Core Technology Offerings (WP3) were presented. On the 2nd day, the technical partners provided the progress, and short-term plans of each of the FERMI core technology offerings that aim to mitigate disinformation impact and information pollution were presented extensively, while ITML, as the Sentiment Analysis module Leader, highlighted its short-term plans on addressing the technological and methodological challenges. Also, interactive co-creation activities to examine Community Resilience has been organized by INOV.

Overall and during this two-day meeting, the FERMI partners had the opportunity to meet each other for the second time, to discuss the technical progress, explore possible collaborations within the project and towards the pilot and use cases implementation and to present their short-term plans preparing the upcoming work and deliverables.