IMOCO4.E final consortium meeting

It was a pleasure for ITML to host and organize the final IMOCO4.E Consortium meeting in Athens. During this meeting, ITML chaired the successful IMOCO4.E Clustering Event, providing networking opportunities among 36 projects. Over 60 participants presented their impressive work in the thematic areas of motion industry and digital twins.

During the last IMOCO4.E Consortium meeting, consortium members discussed the technical progress of the project results, including work packages, pilots, demonstrators, use cases, and building blocks. They also addressed upcoming deliverables and ensured a smooth project closure in August 2024.

ITML, as the WP8 Dissemination and Communication leader, presented the progress on WP8 activities and plans for the remaining months. During the closing session of WP8, partners participated in a workshop on Exploitation, Sustainability, and Standardization. The workshop involved presenting partners with dedicated questionnaires designed to facilitate data collection for related tasks and upcoming deliverables.

Next stop: Final Review Meeting in October, Limerick, Ireland!

Stay tuned for more!