ITML Hosts Successful FERMI Project Technical Meeting (23-24/05/23): Advancing Fake News Risk Mitigator Framework

ITML, the technical coordinator of the FERMI project, organized and hosted a highly productive technical meeting in Athens on the 23rd and 24th of May 2023. The FERMI project aims to develop a framework that detects and monitors the spread of disinformation and fake news, both geographically and within different segments of society. As part of this ambitious endeavor, the meeting brought together consortium partners to discuss key technical development plans, finalize dataflows of the use case scenarios, and agree on essential implementation strategies. ITML is proud to be leading the way in advancing the Fake News Risk Mitigator framework.

The FERMI project is driven by the urgency to tackle the detrimental effects of disinformation and fake news on societies worldwide. ITML is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to monitor the spread of such harmful content. By understanding the patterns and locations where disinformation and fake news proliferate, the FERMI project aims to empower societies with relevant security countermeasures. The recent FERMI project technical meeting organized and hosted by ITML in Athens marked a significant milestone in the project’s progress. Consortium partners, including leading experts in the field, gathered to assess the current status of technical developments and finalize crucial elements of the Fake News Risk Mitigator framework. During the meeting, participants focused on defining the use case scenarios dataflows that illustrate the interactions between the various components of the FERMI platform. This comprehensive activity ensures that the use case scenarios align with the project’s objectives and technical requirements. Consortium partners engaged in collaborative discussions to fine-tune the framework and lay the foundation for its successful implementation. Additionally, the meeting addressed the FERMI project’s Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools and pipeline. By agreeing on the most effective CI/CD practices, consortium partners are streamlining the development and deployment processes, optimizing the efficiency of the framework’s implementation. Furthermore, ITML set the strategy for the initial deployment of the FERMI Core Technology Offerings, which are essential components of the framework’s functionality, into the project’s CI/CD infrastructure. This crucial step will allow consortium partners at an early stage to initially test and evaluate the performance and compatibility of the core offerings, ensuring a solid foundation for subsequent development and refinement.

As the technical coordinator of the FERMI project, ITML played a vital role in guiding and coordinating the meeting’s discussions and decisions. The consortium partners collectively agreed on an implementation strategy for the coming months. This comprehensive action implementation plan sets the stage for continued progress and achievement of the project’s objectives.