ITML in the Review Meeting of ROXANNE

On May 18th, during the review meeting, as we stand halfway through the ROXANNE project, all the tech (developed technologies and integrated platform) but also non-tech (policy and ethics) aspects were presented by the leaders of the 10 Work Packages. The instant feedback from the side of the project officer and the reviewers, to the Coordinator and all the 25 partners in the project was positive. In the ROXANNE project, part of the key contribution from ITML lies in the identification, collection and/or creation of datasets, mostly from the web. These datasets are further analysed by other technical partners to provide information (metadata). In this tech chain, ITML is also responsible to implement fusion of information in order to support criminal network analysis. In the Work Packages’ presentations, and anywhere we were leading a task, we had the chance to underline how our approach of setting internal milestones, which were achieved or are planned, allow us to monitor the correspondence between the work we have promised that will be done and the one that was delivered.