SENTINEL 1st Plenary Meeting

   The 1st hybrid plenary meeting of the SENTINEL project took place on the 15th-16th of September 2021. The meeting was hosted by the project’s Dissemination Manager, Mr. Ruben Costa from UNINOVA, in Guimarães, Portugal. Representatives from 8 organisations of the project consortium from 5 European countries joined physically the meeting, while the rest of the partners were able to participate and contribute online.
   SENTINEL’s 1st plenary meeting provided an excellent opportunity to monitor progress achieved so far and draft a solid plan ahead for the upcoming 6 months. The second day of the meeting focused on an SME-centric technical workshop, where SMEs from various market segments had the chance to get to know SENTINEL and its offerings, and discuss with the consortium their cyber security and data protection-related issues and challenges. ITML is the coordinator of the SENTINEL project.