TEACHING Technical & Consortium meeting | Hosted by the University of Pisa

The hybrid meeting of TEACHING_H2020 took place on the 21st-23rd of March 2022, hosted by the University of Pisa (UNIPI). The third day of the meeting was dedicated to a TEACHING technical workshop with students of Technische Universit├Ąt Graz (TUG).

Overall, the event was very productive, as the partners discussed various subjects related to the scientific and technical advancements of the Work Packages.

TEACHING develops a human-aware CPSoS for autonomous safety-critical applications, based on a distributed, energy-efficient, and dependable AI, leveraging innovative edge computing platforms integrating specialized computing fabric for AI and in-silico support for intelligent cybersecurity solutions. The goal of the TEACHING project is to design a computing platform and the associated software toolkit supporting the development and deployment of autonomous, adaptive, and dependable CPSoS applications, allowing them to exploit sustainable human feedback to drive, optimize and personalize the provisioning of their services.

Within TEACHING management boards, ITML will be the Communication and Dissemination Manager (CDM). So, will be the leader of Work Package 6 which focuses on Communication, Dissemination, Standardization and Exploitation.