SIT4Energy is a Greek-German Bilateral Research and Innovation Cooperation research project that aims to enrich Energy Efficiency through Smart IT solutions. The goal of the SIT4Energy project is to demonstrate how integrated energy management for prosumer scenarios can be realized through a smart IT solution that considers both efficiency potentials in the local energy production and consumption.

To this end, the project implements an intelligent mobile recommendation service with context-aware attention triggering, and a Smart Energy Management dashboard that exploit smart analytics to analyze consumption data, behavioural patterns and external context information (e.g. pricing, weather) for providing personalized insights and recommendations for optimizing energy production-consumption patterns.

This includes a consumer-centered, user-friendly presentation of evidence-based results on the costs and benefits of ICT-enabled energy efficiency techniques, together with clear and on-time, engaging guidance and support on how to realize the energy savings available, so as to increase user adoption of such techniques and their effectiveness.