1epoint aims to develop its outputs taking into consideration the needs of the retail sector, especially now, where SMEs are coming out from the crises and the pandemic. The objective of the 1epoint is to help owners and employees of small and very small enterprises (SMEs) to increase their knowledge on business, financial management and digital marketing issues in order their business to thrive.
Also, 1epoint, taking into consideration the growing demand in the creation and existence of online stores, along with training will create an application that will help the sales of products online while improving the digital skills of owners and employees of various small and small and medium enterprises in Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

As the name of the project ‘1epoint’ is linked to the term of ‘unique selling point’ as something that stands out as a product or service, it aims to:

1. adopt the finance and accounting curriculum to the training needs of the learners from the retail sector
2. to conduct offline training in Greece and Spain so as SME owners to gain knowledge in the relevant matters to their business, financial management and digital marketing
3. to upload the materials in an Open Educational Platform accessible by any interested party
4. to design an online app (the 1ePoint App) that will accompany the training as a game that will assist retail owners and employees to initiate their online e-shop 
5. to further disseminate and communicate the project results in the broader general audience

The role of ITML

ITML is in charge of two major activities.

Firstly, it will be in charge of the operation and running of the Open Educational Resource that will host the training material developed for the SMEs. The material will be divided into simple learning modules covering all features that have been identified as more important for the sustainability of the SMEs, as business, financial management and digital marketing.

Secondly, it will develop the 1ePoint App which will work as a supplementing tool to the training activity. It will provide all the steps towards the creation of an e-shop, complementing the digital marketing section of the training. The 1ePoint App seeks to assist SME owners and employers of the retail sector to further promote their business activity, provides an alternative recourse to enter them into the digital era and increases their digital skills.