The AVALANCHE project aims to develop an innovative, holistic, and versatile solution to enhance law enforcement agencies’ operational capabilities in detecting, analyzing, and preventing cross-border illicit activities. It focuses on creating a platform that offers tools for semi-automatic evidence collection, intelligence-led investigations, and contextual-aware action analysis. The platform will ensure interoperability with national and international databases, fostering information exchange and international cooperation.

ITML’s role

In the AVALANCHE Project, ITML defines the technological requirements and conceptual architecture, outlining envisioned solutions, tool descriptions, and their relations to existing components. Additionally, ITML leads activities with regard to the creation of a unified AVALANCHE User Interface (UI) and integration of solutions into reporting mechanisms, ensuring Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) officers can interact effectively with the platform. This involves deploying agile development platforms, setting up data lakes and communication systems, and ensuring API security. ITML capitalizes on decision support systems, providing interactive and explainable interfaces tailored to assist LEAs in crime investigation endeavors, enhancing decision-making with comprehensive conditions editing capabilities.