Cynergy4MIE aims to reduce CO2 emissions in the sectors of Mobility, Infrastructure and Energy by maximizing the synergy of interconnected ecosystems. The primary goal is to build the enabling synergic technologies for the synthesis of MIE by utilizing high impactful technologies such as minimum invasive measurements, quantum sensors, emergence and leveraged learning.

ITML’s role

ITML represents a key contributor to the Cynergy4MIE project, particularly within the Supply Chain dedicated to Sensing & Control in Energy and Emergency Response Applications. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives our involvement, as we strive to enhance efficiency in Search & Rescue (SAR) missions and energy distribution. Through collaboration and expertise, we play a crucial role in defining system specifications and developing tailored solutions that align with project objectives.

In this project, ITML’s technical expertise comes to the forefront as we tackle complex challenges related to SAR missions and energy distribution. We begin by meticulously identifying stakeholder needs and defining system specifications, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of project requirements. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, ITML will develop and refine algorithms tailored to project goals and datasets. Our rigorous testing protocols encompass functionality, performance, and security aspects of the data analytics engine, ensuring optimal performance under diverse conditions. In addition, ITML leads the dissemination and communication activities of the project, tasked to reach out to a broad range of stakeholders in order to maximise the project’s impact.