With an increasing demand in energy, and thus leading to increased CO2 emissions, by the manufacturing sites all over the world, there is a growing need of an efficient energy management tool aiming at the optimization of these processes.

ENERMAN envisions the factory as a living organism that can manage its energy consumption in an autonomous way, proposing an Energy sustainability management framework collecting data from the factory and holistically process them to create dedicated energy sustainability metrics. A digital twin will be utilized, predicting the economic cost of the consumed energy based on the collected and predicted Energy Peak load tariff, Renewable Energy System self-production, the variations in demand response, possible virtual generation and prosumer aggregation. A training mechanism is also included, providing good practices for energy sustainability improvement through the production lines.

The role of ITML

In ENERMAN project, ITML has an active role throughout the activities of the project. ITML will lead the application of the Big Data Analytics in an effort to incorporate the 3ACES tool in the manufacturing environment of various use cases, with the aim of designing a solution for the optimization of the manufacturing processes in terms of energy efficiency, energy consumption and energy pricing.