The broad IMOCO4.E challenge is to bridge the gap between the latest research results and best industrial practices in digital twins, AI and advanced mechatronic motion control systems.

IMOCO4.E strives to create solid and unimpeachable knowledge for optimizing machines and production lines over their whole lifecycle. Software and Hardware building blocks (BBs), edge-to-cloud distributed and featuring standardized interfaces, will be developed to deliver a complete IMOCO4.E reference framework. These building blocks will embed the latest thinking from the academic community and, moreover, can be enhanced in the future with new research results. The project will deliver a flexible, scalable, future-proofed and fully functional product architecture to be exploited in the industry in high-performance motion control applications with several overlaps to health, mobility, and supply chain management domains.

The role of ITML

ITML is the Project Dissemination Leader ensuring that the project’s activities, results, and outcomes are properly disseminated throughout the project’s duration. ITML will also create the project’s visual identity, design dissemination material such as fliers, website, and any other promotional material, deploy a thorough dissemination plan, and will manage dissemination activities such as papers publication, presentations in conferences, news publishing, newsletters, etc. In addition, ITML will be actively involved in technical WPs as a technology provider by deploying real-time AL-based data clustering and classification algorithms as well as ML-based predictive analytics.