The PALAEMON project aims to support the safety of passengers and address the increasing need for advanced passenger ship evacuation methodologies by defining a new ICT sophisticated mass centralised evacuation framework.

The proposed framework is based on a radical re-thinking of Mass Evacuation Vessels (MEVs) combined with an intelligent ecosystem of critical components in order to provide real-time access and representation of data. Ultimately, the aim is to establish appropriate evacuation strategies for optimising the operational planning of the evacuation process on damaged or flooded vessels. The intelligent ecosystem of PALAEMON incorporates innovative technologies for people monitoring, counting and localisation during emergency situations.

The consortium consists of 25 pioneers in key industry fields, such as aerospace, shipping, and information technology from 10 European countries and, therefore, comprises a strong partnership to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

The role of ITML

In PALAEMON, ITML will lead the customisation and deployment of a data fusion middleware able to handle complex critical events from multiple data streams and the development of PALAEMON On-Board Decision Support System. ITML will also contribute to the physical interfaces to enable interaction with IoT sensors within the ship and to the integration of the PALAEMON Prototype System.