The PANDORA project aims to harness the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data engineering technologies to drive digital transformation across the European Union, enhancing industrial innovation and boosting the economy. Central to this initiative is the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, which generates vast amounts of data, serving as the backbone for AI-driven solutions that promise to make business operations and critical infrastructures smarter, more efficient, and responsive. Within the scope of the project, addressing the challenges of data collection, such as high costs, limited availability, and privacy concerns, PANDORA project focuses on generating usable datasets for AI models in AIoT systems, emphasizing autonomy, trustworthiness, and energy efficiency.  

ITML’s role

ITML focuses on data summarization, dimensionality reduction, and fusion. It aims to simplify datasets, reducing redundancy and complexity using Visual Analytical Assessment (VAT) algorithms for unsupervised learning and deep learning for multi-model data summarization. This task enhances data usability by transforming it from raw to semantic levels, crucial for AIoT system training and efficiency. Moreover, ITML ensures continuous data collection and analysis for PANDORA’s experiments. It oversees the technical, legal (including GDPR compliance), and commercial aspects of data sharing, enhancing data assets for trial scenarios and addressing privacy and ethical concerns.