Over 25 million European SMEs/MEs, central within EU enterprise policy, face multiple challenges related to personal data protection;

ranging from awareness to a clear and practical roadmap to compliance, the most prominent one is the fact that, unlike larger enterprises, SMEs/MEs lack access to enterprise-grade cybersecurity technology and capacity-building for compliance, making them increasingly often victims of costly data breaches. SENTINEL aspires to bridge this gap by boosting SMEs/MEs capabilities in this domain through innovation at a cost-effective level.

This vision of SENTINEL is to integrate tried-and-tested security and privacy technologies into a unified digital architecture and then apply disruptive Intelligence for Compliance. Combined with a well-researched methodology for application and knowledge sharing and a wide-reaching plan for experimentation for innovation, SENTINEL will help small enterprises feel considerably more secure and safeguard their and their customers’ assets.

The role of ITML

ITML is the coordinator of the SENTINEL project, a technological partner focusing on the design and development of software prototypes based on technologies that include tailor-made cybersecurity services, machine learning algorithms, advanced data mining techniques, data aggregation and data analytics in IoT systems, as well as visualisation tools; all of which are applied in different operational domains, such as energy, logistics, health, education, maritime, and security.

ITML will lead three work packages: WP8: Project Management, Coordination and Quality Assurance; WP9: Ethics Requirements; and WP3: The SENTINEL digital core.