SIT4Energy will advance work in 3 pillars, namely (P1) technological innovation, (P2) business models and (P3) consumer empowerment solutions, so as to increase consumers’ awareness about real energy efficiency benefits, and support them in adopting new energy saving habits. This will be achieved by (i) exploiting micro-moments in creating mobile recommendation systems, (ii) motivating consumers real-time for the first time to develop energy efficient practices throughout their daily activities and (iii) devising new business models along with customized marketing strategies. The resulting consumer centered acceptance solutions will be validated though 3 pilots, securing the participation of over 1350 users and using surveys for populating the SIT4Energy solutions with valid feedback.

ITML will (a) design the “Market research survey tool”, (b) will explore the business models as to determine their efficiency in creating incentives for the customers to change behaviour and/or becoming more engaged in energy related actions (deliverable: Gamified and other Marketing Strategies based on SIT4Energy framework), (c) design, develop and implement mobile recommendation systems for the 2 groups of end-users, i.e. consumers and prosumers (deliverable: SIT4Energy mobile recommendation systems), and (d) will actively participate to the ecosystem integration and validation, as well as into the SIT4Energy impact assessment.