ITML welcomes the new season with the new version of Security Infusion

Dr Demetrios Bakas

Market Development Manager, September 9, 2020

Echoing the signs of our times a new version of Security Infusion is being developed, aiming to offer unique ICT monitoring and event management capabilities, in a thorough, simple, and feasible manner. As we enter the new season, ITML is preparing exciting new announcements, steadily committed to deliver effective products, accessible by all businesses.

In our part of the world, summer has ended and with it so are the holidays for many people. In an unusual year like this, coming out of the holiday season does not necessarily equals getting back into the office. Actually, for quite a few, office never left them; remote working meant that an increasing number of employees carried their office along in their vacation.

This evolvement of business habits and the ensuing uncertainty is challenging IT professionals anew. Through 2020 – the year of the pandemic so far, resiliency has been merely the starting point for applying new practices. If, until recently, some still considered that a line existed between the “business” and the “IT”, that is now, in effect, no more. Nowadays information technology IS the business. And there is no more business without IT. ICT infrastructures, therefore, will continue to be stressed as the high demand for digital services grows on, along with the need for innovation and differentiation.

Meanwhile, businesses and organizations were already struggling with implementations of operational management systems and IT security policies. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are a characteristic example. Often, new technologies fall short of delivering the full spectrum of their nominal capabilities, requiring more time, funds, expertise, or all of the above. The course towards the ever evoked, “digital transformation” brought companies in front of issues that concerned allocation of resources, complexity, and time related restraints. And regulation.

Now, the globally volatile economy, means that these changes have to come in urgency and with restricted budget; again, IT is required to “do more with less”. And, as ever, risk is always here with us, vulnerabilities are the reality1 and the industry is looking deeper into the effectiveness of cyber security investments2. So, as we enter the new season, could we take out something positive from this otherwise bleak, uncertain, landscape?

ITML, is looking into this reality through a lens of simplicity, in line with its culture of constructive contribution. About a year ago, we started building our Security Infusion solution, as our main vehicle in the course towards data-driven IT operational management. Based on what we have been doing for our own needs, we believe that ICT infrastructure can be managed effectively, with simplicity, on time, and without having to pay a fortune.

The last several months we received a lot of feedback about “Infusion” (as we like to call the solution internally). Most of it has been useful, constructive input from people and businesses that are in the frontline of the market.

As a result, we are preparing the next generation of this software, the “new version”. In it, we have put our best effort to renew our approach without compromising the basic principles that lead us to its creation. The “new” Security Infusion will have an extended events management function, enhanced with new filtering and reporting capabilities. It will also be more flexible: Users can choose between an operationally centred or an investigable, analytical, compliance-oriented, delivery. And form now on, Security Infusion will be cloud based by default (“cloud -native” as the modern marketing hype calls it). Edge delivery is still an option though, and interesting hybrid delivery requirements are always welcomed into the discussion. Network scans are included as a regular feature in the cloud version, completing the new architecture.

What we are keeping the same however, are the thoroughness and the extend of our data collection, the simplicity and speed of deployment and operation, and, of course, our attractive pricing. Security Infusion is a solution that incorporates basic features that can be found in SIEM, Monitoring and IDS systems, constituting a Control Baseline of ICT operations, with integrated risk mitigation and regulatory compliance capabilities.

In the new season, the current way of tackling ICT challenges and the pointer to what is to be expected from now on, relates with simple, feasible and open solutions. ITML is committed to timely operational effectiveness without compromise. So, stick around with us during this September, for more exciting news!


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