Security Infusion: Take Control of your IT Infrastructure

Mr Demetrios Bakas

ITML Market Development Manager

New product website, online plans, free trial and fresh, enriched in features functionalities.
There is a new spark in ITML: Security Infusion, the new, SaaS, cloud-native and, as we believe, disruptive version of our app is finally out!  

First things first: Recently, we passed the word that things are happening with Security Infusion’s development and new functionalities are on the way.  Well, the wait is over and we are happy to announce a new website, designed to help the visitor get familiar with the app,  register for 14-days free trial and even proceed to the paid subscription through a simple process.

Certainly, everyone is still welcomed to contact us directly, to find out more about the enhancements and the new features we have added and take the discussion even further.

So, what is all really about?

To put it in simple words, Security Infusion is now the most capable and feasible software tool a business can use to establish a fast and thorough overview process of its IT infrastructure, its performance, status, and the possible security risks.

“Fast” as in just a few minutes: as much as it takes most of the times to download and install the data collection agents.

It can be as simple as visiting the site, creating an account online, opting for a plan, downloading the agents, deploying them,  and Security Infusion is up, providing monitoring and event management through the cloud.

For each agent (device), 2GB of cloud storage are provided by default, allowing operational data to be available for about thirty days (in an average computer case). Custom filters and schedules enable the creation of downloadable reports, allowing thus for certain information to be retained for longer periods.

Still, where more data need to be stored and available online, a “Forensics” plan has become available, providing 200GB of cloud storage for up to twenty agents per bundle. Need more than these packages? Contact us directly!

These features have been worked out, around Security Infusion’s greatest enhancement to date:

The upgraded Event Analyzer, that offers the ability to collect, classify, present, filter and report every log and operational event that runs through the nodes monitored by the data collection agents.

Literally, nothing goes by unnoticed. This is why filters and configurable reporting was added, to help administrators manage the vast detail of information collected and create schedules and alerts for critical processes and services.

A refreshed look and feel has also been implemented on the app’s dashboard, while monitoring features have become more compact,  providing both near real-time and historical overview of the underlying infrastructure’s operation.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. When putting together, the thoroughness of the data collection, the simplicity in deploying and operating the app, the inexhaustible possibilities of exploiting the produced insights, and last but not least, the affordability of this software service, we can dare say that Security Infusion is disruptive in the way it comes to be positioned as a baseline of control for the IT infrastructure.

We will be back with more on this, after all, we are just starting! In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to demonstrate the software and provide you all the details.

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