Despite the socio-economic importance of tools and techniques for handling security threats, there is still no easy, structured, standardized and trusted way to forecast, prevent and manage interrelated and propagated cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats in a way that takes into account the heterogeneity and complexity of today’s supply chains.

Therefore, there is a pressing need for devising methodologies, techniques and tools for the efficient evaluation and handling of security threats and vulnerabilities in SCs supporting all involved infrastructures for the provision of critical SC services. CYRENE advances the state of the art by enhancing control and ensuring accountability in ICT systems, components and services across the supply chain. In doing so, CYRENE proposes a novel, dynamic and evidence-based Conformity Assessment Process (CAP) for handling security threats and vulnerabilities and for evaluating the security and resilience of Supply Chain Services.

The role of ITML

In the CYRENE project, ITML will lead the efforts for the continuous integration of tools and components which constitute the CYRENE conformity assessment process. ITML will also lead the efforts for the delivery of thorough market analysis and a business plan, and define the more adequate exploitation for the solution developed.