1st Review Meeting of the NewControl project

On the 22nd and 23rd of June 2020, Infineon supported by the Project Management Team (PMT), hosted the remote Review Meeting of NewControl for the first year of the Project. Supply Chain (SC) leaders and Work Package (WP) leaders presented to the Project Officer and NewControl Reviewers how the realization of NewControl vision is progressing after 12 months. PMT team speaking on behalf of 48 partners spanning across 12 European countries described in detail the activities to reach the objectives in terms of Technology, Output (Applications) and Impact.
ITML has a double leading role in NewControl and was virtually present. Dr. Nikos Nikolaou presented the summary of development activities regarding algorithms, methods and technologies which will allow reliable cognitive perception, efficient signal processing and advanced adaptive and perception algorithms to be implemented via WP4 for highly automated vehicles, while Mr. Nikos Arvanitis described the status of SC8 which is about User Acceptance and Trust in automated driving functions.