1st Consortium Meeting of the TEACHING project

The 1st Consortium Meeting of the TEACHING project was held online on 1-2 July 2020. Despite the virtual nature of the event, brought about by COVID-19, the commitment and hard work of all the partners enabled a successful meeting with the same agenda as scheduled originally. More than 30 project participants have joined this two-day virtual gathering and engaged in all discussions about the overall progress of the project. Leading the dissemination, communication and exploitation activities of the project,  Dr. S. Akarmazyan has introduced the work carried out during the past six-month period elaborating particularly on the strategies and methodologies envisioned for the whole project lifespan. The final brainstorming session of the meeting brought up renewed commitment and a number of ideas for the continuous adaption to the new, unforeseen COVID-19 situation aiming to ensure that all partners keep up with the good work to be carried out in the upcoming months.