ITML in the kick off meeting of the ENERMAN project

The ENERMAN (ENERgy-efficient manufacturing system MANagement) project had its online kick-off meeting on the 20th-21st of January 2021, where each of the 22 partners from 10 different countries had the opportunity to introduce their company along with illustrating their contribution and roles in the project. Following, the Work Package (WP) leaders highlighted the outcomes, milestones, and deliverables for each one of the eight WPs. During the meeting, various discussions, the organisation and coordination of the collaborations were presented, underlining the importance of the first months for the success of the project.
ENERMAN creates an energy sustainability management framework, collecting data from the factory, and by processing them creates dedicated energy sustainability metrics. These values will be used to predict energy trends using industrial processes, equipment, and energy cost models. Within ENERMAN, ITML will exploit its knowledge in the field of data security and analytics and in Machine and Deep learning methodologies. Accordingly, ITML will lead a task related to Big Data Collection and Analytics (Modeling, Optimization and Design). Within this task, existing techniques for data pre-processing will be investigated and combined with new techniques, which will later be used for data preparation and organization.