ITML participates in HEIR H2020 Project’s plenary meeting and training day to enhance cybersecurity solutions in healthcare

We are pleased to share that we recently participated in the HEIR H2020 Project‘s plenary meeting, hosted by CUH in Croydon, UK. During the two-day event, we discussed the final steps towards HEIR’s final review and participated in a Cyber Security Challenges in Healthcare Environments Webinar with other EU-funded projects, including Ai4HealthSec EU H2020 Project, AERAS EU – H2020, and Smart Bear, to explore commonalities in cybersecurity issues and solutions in the healthcare sector.

Subsequently, we participated in the HEIR H2020 Project’s 1st training and information day at Croydon Hospital, aimed at informing both IT and non-IT experts about the HEIR project. This event and others organized at pilot premises, including HYGEIA, PAGNI, and NSE, are part of HEIR’s ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare infrastructure through effective cybersecurity solutions.

We are proud to be part of the HEIR project and look forward to further collaborations towards a safer and more secure healthcare environment.