At a glance, EcoMaRE aims to empower maritime market and motivate all related stakeholders to realize ICT-based approaches. On that end, a holistic integrated ICT-based solution will be built for the sustainable and completely automated fuel consumption optimization and emission control maritime environment. That solution will be in compliance with stringent environmental and safety regulations as well as aligned with Circular Economy objectives.

ITML’s role

ITML as the Project Promoter will be responsible for coordinating all the necessary activities and ensuring that project’s results will be achieved in a proper manner. Besides, ITML is the main technology provider of the project bringing in real time data analytics for optimized fuel consumption and also is responsible for the integration and testing of all the services and modules developed throughout the project duration. Finally, we contribute to project’s publicity by communicating project’s results through a dedicated website and other materials and by participating in relevant events and workshops.