ITML’s participation in the FERMI Project Plenary Meeting-Hosted by the Finnish Ministry of Interior: Reflecting on Year One Achievements and Charting a Course for the Future

In the spirit of collaboration and dedication to addressing the pressing issues of disinformation and fake news in our digitalized world, we are delighted to share our recent participation in the 3rd FERMI Project’s plenary meeting, graciously hosted by the Finish Ministry of Interior. Over the course of two days filled with enriching discussions, we had the privilege of reviewing the significant achievements of the project’s inaugural year and establishing crucial guidelines for our path forward.

Our engagement in the FERMI project fills us with pride as we collectively strive to provide invaluable tools and services that empower society to combat the challenges posed by an increasingly digital landscape. We eagerly anticipate further collaborative efforts that will undoubtedly lead to meaningful contributions to our shared mission.