The Smart Maritime and Underwater Guardian (SMAUG) Project – Enhancing Maritime Security


The SMAUG project is dedicated to the transformation of security monitoring in maritime ports throughout Europe. Its foremost aim is to elevate security management and bolster the detection of potential threats within port facilities and their associated ingress routes. This endeavor is to be achieved through the development of a comprehensive system that will seamlessly integrate advanced components. The project is to employ state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms to elevate the precision of security analysis by utilizing information sourced from EU Maritime Ports. This all-encompassing system is meticulously to be designed in order to provide an extensive dataset for meticulous threat assessment, synthesizing data from three fundamental elements: the Security Infrastructure of ports, cutting-edge Underwater Detection Systems, and Vigilant Surveillance Vessels.

ITML’s role

ITML assumed responsibility for overseeing the preparation and the delivery of the SMAUG control portal for maritime security information, along with implementing security and digitalization measures. These duties encompass the management of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle functionalities for underwater detection and control, as well as the supervision of data aggregation from diverse sources.


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