A visionary European project that combines AI technology and virtual reality to revolutionize cybersecurity. CyberSecDome is an advanced Virtual Reality (VR) based intrusion detection, incident investigation and response approach. Α 3-year EU-funded project, which consists of 15 partners from 10 different countries. The project’s mission is to predict and efficiently respond to cybersecurity threats, safeguarding heterogeneous digital infrastructure. With a focus on situational awareness, it offers real-time insights into incidents and risks, fostering collaborative responses across stakeholders. Privacy-aware information sharing enhances the project’s impact.  

ITML’s role

ITML will contribute to the Privacy-aware Information Knowledge Sharing (PIKS) tool and participate in a swarm-based collaboration approach. Thus, ITML will be leading the WP3 “Specifications and Development of AI-Empowered Security Tools”,  which focuses on the development of AI-empowered security tools, which will communicate directly with each other, and will provide cyber security over the digital infrastructure and streaming network information. Also, ITML will lead the process of developing algorithms and methodologies that address the adaptive control of federated training AI models on private data (T3.1).

As leader of the T6.1, “Communication and dissemination activities”, the ITML research team will take charge of overseeing the project’s dissemination efforts. This involves a concentrated effort on effectively planning and establishing these activities, targeting not only scientific communities invested in CyberSecDome outcomes but also European user groups, professional organizations, and various other stakeholders.