SecureHealth Multiplier Event in ITML Cuprus

On the 20th of October ITML Cyprus successfully held the SecureHealth Multiplier Event yesterday at Radisson Blu Hotel, Larnaca.

The presenters discussed patients’ data and data privacy in the Healthcare Sector, DPOs role within the sector.

ITML presented the E-learning Toolbox that will support individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competencies ensuring data protection in the healthcare sector.  The participants had an active role in the Q&A section. ITML communicated the project’s objectives and what was done so far.

The participants had the chance to see ITML’s role within the Securehealth project:

  • DPOs interview within Cyprus in order to collect information and use what is missing for the building of the Training toll;
  • Depth analysis offered VET Curricula in Cyprus
  • Provided Module 3 with the subject “Personal Data Breaches and Risk Assessment”;
  • Online Peer Mentoring Toolbox (ongoing, there will be an online training on 17/11/2022 which will be held by ITML).

Find more on the project here: