CyberSecPro is a project which is gathering 14 EU Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) along with 13 security companies.

CyberSecPro’s ambition is to enhance the role of the HEIs via offering hands-on and working-life skills for driving a trustworthy digital transformation in critical sectors of the economy. CyberSecPro in order not only to bridge the gap between degrees, working-life and marketable cybersecurity skill sets but also to become the best practice for all cybersecurity training programs will propose an agile professional cybersecurity practical and hands-on training program. This program will complement, support, and advance the existing academic programs by linking innovation, research, industry, academia and SME support.

The role of ITML

ITML is leading an activity related to the assessment of technological tools and academic trainings. The objective of this task is to analyse the technologies brought by the partners against their suitability to be used as teaching instruments. This activity will have as an outcome a detailed catalogue of training technologies used in the CyberSecPro program.