COMFORTAGE aims to develop holistic and integrated healthcare models to foster personalized dementia and frailty prevention and interventions promoting individuals’ physical and mental health. COMFORTAGE will facilitate care services providers to design and deploy personalized, integrated care prevention and intervention measures against dementia and frailty towards significantly and evidently improving the individuals’ wellbeing and QoL. In addition, it will provide means and tools for the empowerment and enhancement of all stakeholders’ health and digital literacy to further reduce health inequalities in modern communities and to support healthy and active age living. In that context, the project’s framework will be validated and evaluated in thirteen (13) pilot studies involving diverse stakeholders at eight (8) EU member states and will be empowered by a unique combination and integration of (i) Medical/clinical innovations (ii) Cutting edge AI innovations for trusted, accurate, secure and personalized clinical decision making, (iii) DIHs to facilitate and promote research activities in the health and wellbeing domain and (iv) social innovations for promoting innovative views and co-creating new or improved solutions for assistance and improvement of social integration and interaction.

ITML’s role

ITML will design and implement a Training recommender tool offering personalized learning experiences to patients based on different cognitive states. The module is going to be integrated as part of the COMFORTAGE serious games by providing recommendations for disease prevention in patients. The tool aims to enhance patients’ interactions within learning systems and improve their engagement and learning efficiency.

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