AGRILEARN is an ERASMUS+ EU-funded project, under the KA2-Cooperation Action regime. The project aims to strengthen and support the European agriculture industry by advancing smart/digital agriculture practices. It is dedicated to creating opportunities and enhancing skills for people in rural areas, emphasizing adopting environmentally friendly technologies/methods to combat climate change. A pivotal aspect of the project is the development of innovative, user-friendly VET (Vocational Education and Training) and an e-platform. These tools are integral for facilitating the adaptation of farmers and stakeholders to modern, smart agricultural practices, enhancing their capabilities, and improving the acceptance of new methodologies.


  • Strengthen the European agriculture industry.
  • Provide opportunities to isolated people in rural areas.
  • Introduce smart/digital agriculture to combat climate change.
  • Facilitate smart agriculture adaptation and adopt environmentally friendly technologies/methods.
  • Design innovative, user-friendly VET training to enhance the skills of producers/stakeholders.
  • Develop an innovative, user-friendly e-platform.

ITML’s role

ITML has taken on the role of Project Coordinator for the AGRILEARN project. ITML leads the coordination of the project activities, ensuring that all planned tasks are properly assigned and clearly described to the partner organizations. ITML is responsible for monitoring and supervising the project’s schedule, ensuring that milestones and deadlines are met, and adjusting schedules as necessary. ITML handles administrative tasks such as organizing and managing partner communication through emails, online, and face-to-face meetings. Additionally, ITML prepares documentation and manages finances, including reporting and ensuring funding is allocated correctly. Furthermore, ITML reviews project deliverables and is responsible for developing the online platform for the VET material and creating and maintaining the project’s official website. A project “map” has been created to enhance task management, ensuring that the delivery of the project’s outputs meets the required standards and objectives, resulting in high-quality project results.