MedEWSa aims to develop an effective decision support system that will reinforce existing early warning systems (EWS) regarding extreme weather events and natural disasters. The main objectives entail advanced initiatives in risk assessment, prognostication of impacts, and the anticipation of financial trajectories. These goals will be pursued through building an innovative platform with an AI-driven Decision Support and Dissemination System, achieving revolutionary advancements in Big Data analytics and risk transfer solutions. MedEWSa’s innovation will be developed among eight pilot sites, using natural disaster-affected zones from Europe, southern Mediterranean and Africa. Among these pilots, collaboration will be fostered by pairing areas with different climatic and physiographic conditions yet facing similar hazardous events.

ITML’s role

In MedEWSa, ITML serves as the technical coordinator and innovation manager. Innovation responsibilities lie in the sector of optimising technology readiness by identifying the project’s most practical outcomes and exploring commercial opportunities, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the MedEWSa’s outcomes.

From a technical perspective, ITML leverages its proprietary tool, Data Fusion Bus (DFB), to integrate diverse data sources including meteorological observations, weather predictions and first-response information. ITML is also responsible for developing a decision support system capable of generating real-time recommendations for first responders. Moreover, ITML is tasked with the design and implementation of mechanisms for data integration, machine learning and rule-based methods, and decision support technologies tailored to the environmental domain.