EdgeAI-Trust will establish a trustworthy edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem by crafting a comprehensive architecture, tools and techniques for real-time collaboration among diverse edge devices. The initiative aims to ensure trust in AI applications with the primary mission of creating a flexible framework enabling devices to collaborate seamlessly in a dynamic, zero-trust environment while achieving the societal acceptance of AI. By integrating community engagement, standardization efforts, and roadmap development, EdgeAI-Trust aspires to cultivate a robust European edge AI ecosystem, making Europe competitive in the global context.

ITML’s role

ITML is the leader of the supply chain dedicated to user acceptance and business analysis. ITML will develop models to gauge user opinion and acceptance, enhancing social trust in the European edge intelligence industry. The project’s diffusion and training activities will be served by a knowledge base, which will help in deploying market and business tools and approaches around the Edge AI industry and stakeholders simultaneously. ITML’s dedicated team will conduct market and societal impact analyses to inform business models tailored for the European industry.

As a technology provider, ITML contributes to defining requirements and architectures for distributed AI systems in Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) / Autonomous Drivers (AD) environments. ITML will focus on sensor operation, data management, and secure communication. Additionally, ITML will develop Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered methods for reliable data acquisition and event identification at the edge.