ShapeFuture will pioneer in fundamental Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) for highly automated vehicles, ensuring fail-operational and integrated perception, cognition, Artificial Intelligent  (AI)-enabled decision making and resilient automation and computing. These advancements contribute to the establishment of robust and competitive European supply chains for green mobility. In particular, these supply chains demonstrate resilience and innovation, offering a diverse array of competitive products and services across various mobility concepts, architectures, designs, technologies, and manufacturing capabilities.

ITML’s role

In ShapeFuture, ITML has a co-leading role in ensuring European control over Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems (ECS) technologies within the automotive sector. Our focus lies in measuring user acceptance, identifying key drivers for adoption, and facilitating smooth integration into the European market. This initiative aims to equip stakeholders with the necessary tools for sustainable economic development, thereby empowering them to leverage ECS innovations effectively.

On the technical front, we spearhead the analysis, design, and implementation of AI-based algorithms tailored for cognitive processing and decision-making in highly automated vehicles. Our tasks range from crafting system-level algorithms with an emphasis on trustworthiness and explainability to defining evaluation metrics and supporting integration efforts.