EdgeAI is a key initiative for the European digital transition towards intelligent processing solutions at the edge. The project develops new electronic components and systems, processing architectures, software, algorithms, connectivity and middleware through the combination of microelectronics, AI, embedded systems, and edge computing. It will demonstrate the applicability of the developed edge AI hardware/software/algorithms approaches across various vertical solutions, considering security, trust, and energy efficiency demands inherent in several use cases. EdgeAI project covers key strategic application areas such as Digital Industry, Energy, Agri-food and Beverage, Mobility, and Digital Society.

ITML’s role

Within the EdgeAI project, ITML will act as project dissemination, exploitation, and communication coordinator. In this respect, ITML will work closely with the project coordinator and will be responsible for the overall project dissemination management and coordination.

On a technical point of view, ITML will work on the design of AI-based anomalies’ detection and the deployment of federated learning approaches to ensure data privacy by design, as well as work on the integration and technical verification of its AI-based offerings in the transportation and mobility industry.