Digi Helicon


The Digi Helicon project empowers artists through digital skills development. The project seeks to engage not only current and aspiring artists, with a particular focus on women and vulnerable populations such as migrants/refugees, the unemployed, individuals in remote areas, and members of the LGBTQI community, but also adult educators/trainers, partner organizations, and various stakeholders such as education institutions, NGOs, cultural associations, festivals, VET institutions, youth organizations, art foundations/companies, galleries, theaters, as well as the wider public and media.


  1. Empower artists with digital skills, focusing on vulnerable groups and women.
  2. Create innovative materials for artists and adult educators.
  3. Promote artist entrepreneurship and employability.
  4. Provide flexible upskilling opportunities.
  5. Foster intercultural dialogue and social inclusion.

ITML’s role

At ITML, the technical development team takes pride in its mission to promote and enhance the digital skills of current and aspiring artists. It is responsible for creating a virtual exhibition space and for the development of a user-friendly, visually pleasing virtual space able to host the works of artists from different fields. In addition, ITML aims to develop all systems designed for use by the target demographic and to be managed and operated by the appropriate organizations. Therefore, ITML offers its expertise, which is then transferred to expert partners who will be responsible for its ongoing operation.

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