SiC4GRID is a 42-months project gathering partners from the complete value chain of SiC-based converters collaborating to tackle current obstacles to the technologies’ market uptake.

SiC4GRID thus aims for an optimised integrated SiC-based technology composed of three-fold innovations in terms of hardware, software and IoT.

Overall, the project contributes to advancing the market readiness of the technology by lowering its cost (30% cost reduction compared to silicon converters), its size (15% size reduction), its lifetime (30+ years) and its environmental impact (30% resource consumption reduction and 50% CO2 emission reduction). In the longer-term, SiC4GRID will thus also help renewable energies integrate the energy grid and bring European leadership to the forefront of converter technology providers.

The role of ITML

ITML as the IoT Leader of the SiC4GRID project is leading the deployment of the Smart IoT connectivity. Advanced and interoperable data management in industrial IoT environment will be delivered through the DFB platform. In addition, ITML will follow the results of techno-economic and environmental assessments in order to define the strategy and the roadmap towards higher TRL.