FRODDO aims to develop and test a complete suite of methods and tools based on the principles of safe systems design in a federated Digital Twin environment leveraging advanced sensing, Machine Learning, hybrid Artificial Intelligence and simulation to account for increasing adaptability and sustainability of the Operational Design Domains (ODDs) to complex and dynamically changing road contexts and allow for improved management of physical and digital infrastructure that enable Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM).

ITML’s role

In the FRODDO Project, ITML leads the data management task, collaborating with technical partners to introduce proper data management principles and facilitate decentralized and secure data provision. ITML also contributes to the development of Autonomous Vehicle driving models aimed at integration into traffic simulation platforms and enhancing the digital twin framework. Additionally, ITML supports the implementation of the data model for service integration and designs alert mechanisms while developing crucial parts of the rule engine. Moreover, ITML leads activities dedicated to stakeholder engagement, focusing on trust and data security. Based on the outcomes related to the ODD systems development for business and governance models.