GANNDALF aspires to develop cutting-edge methodologies for effective cyber-crime addressing, especially in the context of the evolving landscape where cyber crime is increasingly being offered as a service (crime-as-a-service – CaaS). Consequently, as CaaS tools are progressively becoming advanced, affordable and user friendly, cyber attacks can only be faced with beyond state-of-the-art approaches, comprising of knowledge sharing and real time – collaboration. Through agency-to-agency data sharing mechanisms, and the deployment of a decision-support toolbox to identify cyber threats, GANNDALF will deliver a customizable & collaborative crime investigation sandbox for scenarios for sophisticated crime investigation. Moreover, the project will enhance the Cyber Hygiene 2.0 vision, which encourages citizens to participate actively in the crime spotting and reporting process, without expert knowledge.

ITML’s role

ITML acts as the innovation manager and one of the technology providers of the GANNDALF project, focusing on designing AI-based decision support and recommendation systems. As innovation pioneers, ITML will define the overall strategy by creating an exploitation roadmap to maximize the utilization of the project’s results. Also, ITML is tasked with the establishment of the project’s digital presence and dissemination through a website implementation. Furthermore, ITML will collaborate with partners to strategize sustainability and market readiness, employing business modelling tools to analyze opportunities and formulate robust plans for the project’s solutions.

From a technical aspect, ITML’s role encompasses the optimization of the utilization of privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), deploying secure data management infrastructures, and facilitating collaboration with the EUROPOL Innovation Lab (EIL) for effective data sharing and dissemination.