The MEDIATE project aims to create a resilient technology addressing security and privacy within the computing continuum by integrating cloud, edge, and IoT. It will use a complex architecture based on zero-trust and federated learning for security at all levels. Key features include cybersecurity resilience, vulnerability mitigation, secure IoT integration, trust establishment via federated learning, and implementation of AI-based cyber threat intelligence tools and privacy policies for decision-making and data protection.

ITML’s role

In the MEDIATE project, ITML’s role primarily involves integrating MEDIATE technologies/components and ensuring compliance with the requirements and specifications outlined in task “State-of-the-art and MEDIATE requirements & specifications”. Additionally, ITML will contribute to the setup, execution, and evaluation of pilot trials in task “Assessment of MEDIATE achievements in relation to project objectives”, assessing the performance of the MEDIATE framework within the context of pilot scenarios. Finally, ITML will participate in the overall assessment of MEDIATE achievements against project objectives, assisting in evaluating the efficacy of the framework.