The CONSENTIS project aims to implement EU regulations and strategic initiatives like eIDAS*, EU Data Spaces, and GDPR to address challenges in personal data sharing. It introduces a novel framework for Self-Sovereign Identity and user-centric consent management, enabling users to control their data usage and provide informed consent via user-friendly interfaces. This framework is adaptable to existing services and formats, ensuring robust protection through continuous security, risk, and legal assessments. With a consortium of academic institutions, SMEs, and large industry partners from 10 EU member states and associated countries, CONSENTIS focuses on scientific excellence and innovation in identity management, consent management, blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and EU regulatory compliance.

*eIDAS: electronic identification and trust services

ITML’s role

In the CONSENTIS project, ITML leads the task “CONSENTIS framework integration for SSI and user-centric consent management”, which involves integrating and delivering the first version of the CONSENTIS framework, focusing on Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and user-centric consent management. This task includes connecting CONSENTIS components with underlying technologies such as blockchains, completing technical integrations with external systems, and preparing for deployment in specific piloting activities. ITML will conduct preliminary validations to ensure the smooth execution of subsequent pilots, aiming to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) version of the framework.