Break the Silence in Sport: Capacity building of Taekwondo organisations to promote gender equality


Inspired by the #MeToo movement, the ultimate goal of the “MeTae” Erasmus+ project is to promote gender equality in sport, support social inclusion in and through sport, and combat gender-based violence by empowering teachers and students alike.

How do we plan doing that? By helping Taekwondo coaches and trainers to be able to identify and address abusive and violent behaviours towards women in the sport; by helping our athletes and students to build the physical and mental fortitude needed to fight against gender-based violence and abuse.

Why Taekwondo? Because is a free-fighting combat sport using bare hands and feet to repel an opponent. These are the main “tools”, along with thinking, that people involved in this sport must also use to combat inequality, sexism or any stereotypical behaviour.

Project Objectives:

  • Support the enhancement of young (14-25 years old) women’s social participation and inclusion.
  • Encourage equality of women and men in sport activities.
  • Promote sport positive values through involvement in Taekwondo training activities.

The role of ITML

ITML, that has extensive experience in exploiting and disseminating project results of similar nature and complexity, will similarly take upon the leading role, by developing a comprehensive Dissemination, Public Awareness and Advocacy Strategy and Action Plan and by building a strong and distinctive Project Identity. ITML is responsible for the development of the 3 physical sport events along with news articles and digital media products that promote the project’s aims and raise public awareness. Finally, ITML aims to communicate and disseminate the project’s output to the local community, to inform on the project aims (combat gender-based violence), and to raise awareness to stakeholders.


The project is funded by the Small-Scale partnerships in Sport under Erasmus+ programme of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency. MeTae started on 1st of February 2023 and will run for 20 months until September 2024.